Friday March 30th, 2018

At the youth exchange”Earth and me”

At the youth exchange”Earth and me” met 35 youth people from Slovakia, Italy, Poland and Turkey, from 22.06.2017 – 30.06.2017 in Drienica. During the project the […]
Friday March 30th, 2018

LİDOSK team in Birmingham!

LİDOSK team in Birmingham! Intercultural Dialogue through Creative Writing was a Erasmus Plus training course which aims to improve intercultural dialogue by writing. It was hold […]
Wednesday February 7th, 2018

27 Mart – 3 Eylül 2017 Letonya Projesi

  AVRUPA GÖNÜLLÜ HİZMETİ Erasmus+ projeleri kapsamında Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti (AGH) yapmak üzere ”Volunteer For Change II” projesiyle 27 Mart – 13 Eylül 2017 tarihleri arasında […]