Osman PİŞİRİCİ Türkiye Fair Play Ödülü aldı.
May 30, 2018
3 – 9 Haziran 2018 Karadağ Erasmus +
June 18, 2018

”See me”  the training course on recognition of needs and current situation of refugees through voluntary activities and digital story telling

Themes of the TC:

-Exploring the Convention of on the Rights of the Child in the context being in refugees’ situation.

-Make a research and understand the current situation of young people with refugees and migrants’ background in different countries.

-Share and understand the meaning of different laws and general of the EU approach towards young people with refugees, migrants and immigrants background.

-Prepare, run and evaluate voluntary youth work activities with refugee and migrants young people in order to support the cooperation in local level among young people.

-Practicing digital story telling in order to understand the current situation of refugees and migrants’ families and fight against xenophobia and racism.

About 30 participants coming forn the folowing countries (Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece and Turkey ) gathered  in  Romania Satu Mare town for the Erasmus Plus KA105 training courses held between  the dates 6-11 May 2018. In this training course, we discussed the refugee crises and refugee children and the problems of this yıoung refugees and  how to solve the problems. We have had a full-fledged project that we have developed empathy and English language skills and that we have gained a lot in terms of teamwork and individual development. Within the scope of this project, we have met with the cultures of different countries and found the opportunity to introduce our country on an international platform. We would like to thank LIDOSK and Halil Yavuz for giving us the opportunity to participate in this Erasmus + project.

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