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Lykia Scouting And Nature Sports Club

Lykia Scouting and Outdoor Sports Club Association (LIDOSK)

LIDOSK was founded in 2010 in Antalya as a youth NGO that promotes intercultural learning, human rights, understanding, active citizenship, volunteering, sports for a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. LIDOSK aims to develop and support youth cooperation in Europe.

We encourage young people, especially wıith fewer opportunities, disabilities and refugees to actively participate in public life, take initiative, develop entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. We aim to fight against all forms of discrimination, support cultural diversity, social cohesion, sustainable development and foster youth mobility across Europe. Lidosk  is accredited as a sending, hosting as well as a coordinatıng organsatıon. Since 2016 we sent more than 150 young volunteers abroad and between 2013 and 2019  we offered to more than 500 youngster the opportunıty to develop themselves through various Eramus+ projects such as training courses and youth exchanges.

Fields Of Work


Through innovative educational methodologies and life-changing experiences, LIDOSK Team empowers young adults to reach their full potential. We have involved youth from disadvantaged areas in Europe and the World in diverse initiatives, international exchanges, courses, seminars, meetings, etc.

We tackle the most needed fields of youth work, as we involve both – young people and youth workers.


LIDOSK Team develops and runs Capacity Building in the field of Youth Projects with organisations from Europe, Africa and Portugal.
The Capacity-building projects are transnational cooperation projects based on multilateral partnerships between organisations active in the field of youth in Programme and Partner Countries. They can also involve organisations from the fields of education and training, as well as from other socio-economic sectors.


LIDOSK Sports Experts work with individuals and organizations on diverse national and transnational sport innovation projects in order to bring positive social impact.
We do projects related with sports like as our project called "Fair Play" Further more; Click Here 

Young Entrepreneurship

LIDOSK Young Entrepreneurship is dedicated to the develop of Young Entrepreneurs (YE) youth and Lidosk Volunteers.

We support the mobility of Young Entrepreneurs from the Hungary, France, Spain and other countries, as we support for firmly planning to set up their own business or have already started two within the last three years and we contuniue.


LIDOSK Adult Education Department is delivering high level of education and training mobility projects for adult learners.

Our Team

  • Osman PİŞİRİCİ

    Osman PİŞİRİCİ

    Chairman of the Board of Directors of LIDOSK
  • Halil YAVUZ

    Halil YAVUZ

    Responsible of the EU projects


    Project Coordinator
  • Szandra VARJU

    Szandra VARJU

    Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurship
  • Eva Melinda MESZAROS

    Eva Melinda MESZAROS

    Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurship
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lidosk 150


Lykia Scouting And Nature Sports Club Association

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