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Poland - Evolution Without Borders

These are the activities that the volunteers will do in this project:

- Help instructors with preparation and leading engagements in particular workshops (art, sartorial, exploration of life, housekeeping, D.I.Y., office and computers

- Prepare and lead engagements for their wards (volunteers will never be left alone with wards - It will always be with an attendance of the instructor)

- Assistance to wards in day-to-day activities (e.g. cleaning after their classes, help with accompanying wards to the bus stop, etc.)

- Help people on a wheelchairs

- Attend in a keep fit and rehabilitations

- Attend in organized trips (day excursions and severalday trips)

Cemre CAN

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I am an ESC volunteer for 1 year in Poland. We do sportive and artistic activities with children. My project started a month ago. In my spare time, I ride my bike and explore the surroundings. I experience being in Poland. Everyone has the ESC experience. I have to live and share in a completely different culture and I make gains.

Lykia Scouting and Nature Lovers Culture Association

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