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On 15.02.2015 at 8.30 we departed from our service departure point to Karaöz / Adrasan, our starting point of walking. Approximately 1.30 hours, 90 kilometers at the end of the road we reached the starting point of walking to Karaöz. Before starting the march, we received the necessary information about the march by our valuable guides Aydın DOĞRU, Erdal ÇAKIROĞLU and our event manager Osman PİŞİRİCİ. Then we met our new participants, Borsa Anadolu Trade Vocational High School students and teachers. We started our march with 50 participants. Korsan Bay welcomed us first. We were enchanted by the wonderful scenery and beauty.

Here, as Lidosk (Lycian Scouting and Outdoor Sports Club Association), we couldn't help but take our souvenir photo in Pirate Bay! We followed the Red-White Lycian Way marker lines and our guides and reached Gelidonya Lighthouse as a result of standing rests from time to time. You know, there was no beauty here for a break. After a good rest and dinner, we didn't forget to take a photo of Lidosk family with Gelidonya Lighthouse and Princes' Islands view. Our return journey has begun. On the way back, light rain and the Sun lights accompanied us. We completed our trekking which lasted about 13 kilometers. We thank everyone who contributed to our march.

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