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LİDOSK team in Birmingham!


LİDOSK team in Birmingham! Intercultural Dialogue through Creative Writing was a Erasmus Plus training course which aims to improve intercultural dialogue by writing. It was hold between the dates 01 March -10 March 2018 in Birmingham-United Kingdom. İlkay and Arda were the participant of LİDOSK from Turkey. This is what İlkay wrote about this training course: ‘We learned and used different kind of writing methods, and we have written some texts about the clarified topics. When we were reading our texts in front of the other participants, we improved our awareness about ourselves and our culture,we improved our expression and presentation talents. During the project, we talked, we wrote, we shared, we discovered the city, we ate together, we played games and finally we learned our different cultural backgrounds can lead a good way of communication if we try it. It was great to participate this training course, thank you Lidosk’.

This project was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


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