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18 – 27 January Romanya Satu Mare Erasmus+

As Lidosk, we sent 4 volunteers to Satu Mare in Romania between January 18th and 27th. The project partners outside Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania was the country. The aim of the project was to make refugee lives easier and to make them feel comfortable in our countries. Ezgi BAKAN, Sebla Ece AYHAN, Yiğit Emre TEKİN and Yunus ATAHAN represented our country and LIDOSK in this project. All applause to them for successfully representing our country and LIDOSK.

In this project;

The lives of different people and the situation of refugees in many different countries,

Reasons for migration of immigrants

The immigration status of other countries,

Different language skills,

The beauty of working together,

Refugees and their lives,

How to deal with difficult situations,

They have learned about many issues such as refugee living standards.

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