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Erasmus+ Mobility

Leaders of Tomorrow

Location: Pec pod Sněžkou/Czech Republic

Organization: GENESIS

Date: 13.07.2022-21.07.2022

This project aims on developing knowledge and abilities of leaders while sharing best pracise known from work of best leaders in the world . We would like to practise how to transfer from basic management to excelent leadership and how it will influence system and peoples lives and motivation.

Emirhan Çebe

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Hello, I am Emirhan, I had the opportunity to attend the "Leaders of Tomorrow" training course in Pec Pod Snezkou, Czech Republic, between 13-21 July. Thanks to this course, I stayed in a chalet surrounded by nature and saw excellent mountain views. Not only did I see it, I climbed Snezka, the highest mountain in Czechia. Although it is difficult and tiring, I think it is something that everyone should experience. I also met sweet people from many parts of the world, made friends and made unforgettable memories with them. Thanks to the trainings and activities, I added considerable knowledge to myself on the way to become a good leader and invested in myself for the future. Not only that, I also traveled and discovered Prague. I was amazed by its excellent architecture and historical texture. I would like to thank the Lidya Scouting and Outdoor Sports (lidsokngo) team for offering me this opportunity.

Özge Ağın

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Hello, I'm Özge, I met LİDOSK with the project "Leaders of Tomarrow". The first step of the project took place in July in Czechia. It was an unforgettable experience for me. Thanks to the project, I discovered places I had never seen in my life, and I made friends from different countries and from my own country. During cultural nights, I learned about the cultures of many nations. I had the opportunity to test and develop my own communication, problem solving and right decision making skills about leadership, which is the subject of the project. I am very happy to take part in such a project.

Büşra Bersu Çalışkan

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The project called Leaders of Tomorrow held in Czechia helped us to discover and develop ourselves more in this field. Our horizons on the subject were opened by playing educational activities and games. We have learned to look from other perspectives as well. As time passed, we became more familiar and friendly with foreign people. At the same time, we had the opportunity to improve our English. We increased our energy and adapted more with games called Energizer. At the same time, we had the opportunity to climb the highest mountain of Czechia and watch the whole city. For the first time in my life, it was a first for me to go this far and never give up. I made memories and friendships that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for this project that allowed me to develop myself.

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