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Erasmus+ Mobility


Location: Starogard Gdanski/Poland

Organization: KS Beniaminek 03

Date: 25.04.2023-02.05.2023

"Young people sometimes spend a lot of time with phones and technological devices, while Seniors are an audience that could not provide digital adaptation. The subject of the project will be the healthy and correctly adaptation of young people as well as young people will have a role to support Seniors in process of digitization"

Digitization, or the process of converting information into digital form, has become increasingly important in today's world.Overall, digitization has become an essential tool for individuals, businesses, and governments to stay competitive and adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.Therefore, the participants will carry out many exercise on this subject in their upcoming conference program.

Elif İrem AKSOY

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I participated in a project called BRIDGE between April 25 and May 2. With this project, we aimed to bridge the gap between young and old generations and improve their adaptation to digitalization. Therefore, we went to the City Hall and met with the mayor. We played games with the elderly in the nursing home. We also went to a high school and got the opinions of younger people. These events were not limited to one city in Poland, so we had the chance to experience and understand the culture of three or four different cities in Poland.

Mehmet İkbal AKBABA

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Some things should be done when you are young to create a profound impact. This project was one of those projects. It has many educational and developmental aspects. I hope to participate in new projects because I want to experience the same things again.


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I didn't realize how important digitalization was in our lives. After this conference and project, I started to look at everything differently and gained a lot of knowledge. I strengthened my connection with people and gained more confidence. Through the presentations, I learned about different countries without traveling there. I made new friendships and left feeling happy. Thank you to everyone, and I love you all.

Çağla UZUN

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My experience with this project was excellent. I didn't even realize how quickly time passed. The conferences and presentations we had were very impressive. The activities we did with the elderly were also very well thought out. Interacting with different cultures and learning new things was truly amazing. I want to thank everyone very much.


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We participated in an amazing BRIDGE project between 25 April - 2 May in Starogard-gdanski, Poland. We were 35 people from Romania, Turkiye, Greece, Hungary and Poland in the project. We organized activities to increase adaptation to digitalization by creating a bridge between youngsters and elders. We went to nursing home and dance with them, played the digital game Kahoot. We talked with Mayor about digitalization. We went to a high school and talked to people younger than us about digitalization. We had a full project where everyone learned about each other's culture.

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