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At Akdeniz University in Antalya, Turkey we could have the chance to reach youth and present our KA2 project called LiterED, talk about dyslexia and the common problems that most dyslexic people have been facing in our country. We had an opportunity to involve youth in the awareness creation process with interactive involvement of our audience. We have also created a Kahoot quiz to remind our participants the topics that we discussed during our small presentation. It was both an entertaining and educative dissemination for youth in terms of dyslexia awareness.


Through this meeting, we introduced our project and project contexts to youth. In the future, we are planning to have more workshops together and test our knowledge with easy workshops so that finally we can apply them in our environment and create a more aware generation.


As the LİDOSK team, we introduced our LiterED project and its areas of influence to the youth. We also introduced the results we created from the scope of the project by raising awareness on behalf of individuals with dyslexia. We hope that it has been an efficient step towards raising a more conscious generation.



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